About Radio Vet Nurse

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Vet nursing is definitely not an easy job.

It can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. And yet, for most of us, we absolutely love it. We’re passionate about what we do.

So, when it comes to vet nurses, who are we? How do we achieve greatness in our work? And, some days, how do we even manage? What unites us a group, and what sets us apart from other people?

Radio Vet Nurse is a longform interview show creating a dialogue around these questions and a space where we can tell our story. Each episode you’ll hear from a different vet nurse about their experiences in life and in vet nursing as host Cat Robinson asks questions about everything from how they got their start in vet nursing to mental wellness strategies that can help with difficult days and compassion fatigue. In an era where vet nursing students are often completing their certificate IV online as remote students, Radio Vet Nurse guests are also asked for any wisdom they can impart to the new generation of vet nurses as they navigate the challenges of work and self-paced learning.  


About Cat Robinson


Cat Robinson
BA (Hons), LLB, Grad Dip (LP), Cert IV VN

My name is Cat Robinson and I am the host, audio engineer, producer, and general “Boss Lady” of Radio Vet Nurse. I decided to create Radio Vet Nurse in 2018 while at home looking after my first baby, listening to many a podcast in the process. I’ve been a massive fan of podcasts since 2015 but was yet to find a show that catered for vet nurses. In a haze of sleep deprived-lunacy I decided that I would make this podcast. Radio Vet Nurse was born!

I have always loved animals, but my vet nursing career was a happy accident. Back in 2012 I was a lawyer by day and touring musician by weekend, my husband Matt was a vet, and we decided to leave the city in search of lower cost of living, less traffic, and an adventure. We had driven around Australia in our Kombi in 2009 and loved the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland, so we moved there. Within months of relocating we were approached by a vet who ran a boutique practice from his home and wanted to retire. We bought his equipment and small list of clients, found a building to rent, and I began the transition from lawyer to veterinary surgery owner. I decided to complete the Cert IV in Vet Nursing, purely so I could manage the business and our employees. To my surprise I discovered I was more enthusiastic about vet nursing than I had been about law or anything else I had ever done. I loved it. I still love it.

I have been vet nursing since 2013 and a qualified vet nurse since 2015. I was the practice manager and full-time vet nurse in our practice, Ready Vet, from 2013 until I became a mum in 2017. I am not the most skilled vet nurse, I am not the most knowledgeable vet nurse, I’m not even a great vet nurse, but since 2013 I have experienced many different facets of vet nursing. I have been a student vet nurse feeling overwhelmed and unsure, I have been a qualified vet nurse feeling match fit and confident, and everything in between. I have been an individual player on a team of vet nurses, the practice manager of a veterinary surgery, the general manager of a veterinary business, and a business owner. I can relate to a variety vet nurses in a range of situations, and I can certainly bring you the show where we tell our story.