Episode Five: Sue Crampton - Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

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In this episode I catch up with a well-known vet nurse and presenter in Australia, Sue Crampton. Sue is such an accomplished person; she’s the owner and founder of Crampton Consulting Group and the Animal Industries Resource Centre and - in addition to vet nursing - has a really interesting collection of qualifications including Bachelor of Business, Diploma in Company Directorship, and Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming. As one of Australia's leading veterinary educators she’s on the go both in Australia and overseas two to three weeks of every month. It’s highly likely you’ve seen her present.

I first saw Sue at a conference in 2014 and, for me, it was an absolute game-changer. I was almost a year into owning and operating Ready Vet and studying my cert IV, but telling myself I was just doing the study to better manage my business. As someone who had been to uni for almost a decade for a different career, I was trying to suppress the growing suspicion that I actually loved vet nursing. But when I watched Sue present it really sealed the deal for me. She was speaking my language 100%, motivating and inspiring me, and I had this light bulb moment; yep, I am a vet nurse, and I love it.

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It’s hard to say what it is about Sue that enables her to connect with people and inspire in this way, but I think it’s this: she has this ability to identify and articulate the fundamentals of our industry, chunk them down, and present them within this framework of the veterinary health care team, rather this unhelpful binary of vets and nurses. It’s been four years since I first enjoyed Sue’s presentation at that conference, and I really enjoyed catching up again.        

Sue and I discuss:

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