Episode Six: Hayley - ECC and Reality TV


In this episode you’ll get to know Hayley from the Animal Emergency Service (AES) in Brisbane. I’ve been wanting to get the emergency nursing angle for a while now because I think it’s a really exciting part of our story. I reached out to Dr Alex Hynes who is a senior vet at AES and one of the new vets on the iconic Bondi Vet TV show (side note: it’s back, channel Nine, this year. You’re welcome!). Dr Alex recommended Hayley as one of AES’s most senior emergency and intensive care nurses.   

As a veterinary technician and nurse in the Pet Intensive Care Unit Hayley helps treat the most critical of patients. If you do watch Bondi Vet this year you’ll probably see Hayley, doing what she loves, caring for patients in the ICU. Which also makes her a reality TV vet nurse! Hayley’s been in the industry for over 20 years but is absolutely brimming with enthusiasm. Particularly about nurse empowerment, team work with our vets, and utilizing nurses to the best of our ability. Hayley and I are both talkers, and we also just clicked, so this is one of my longer episodes.


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Hayley completed her certificates in veterinary nursing with the Animal Industries Resource Centre and obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science (Veterinary Technology) at the University of Queensland. We also discussed the DISC Profile as a way to better understand your team.

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