Episode 13: Ricki - Nursing with Hustle


In this episode I caught up with one of the most positive and energetic veterinary nurses, Ricki. Ricki started her nursing career in general practice in Albury before moving to the sunshine coast to work at Australia Zoo with the bird show team. Ricki was the head bird trainer at Australia Zoo and performed in the show daily. Eventually Ricki’s love for connecting with people brought her back into general veterinary practice, and she now works in what has got to be one of the most beautiful beach side locations in Australia.

I was initially drawn to Ricki because of her experience at Australia Zoo, but as I learned more about her I realised that this was just tip of the iceberg. Ricki’s vet nursing story is interesting because of the way she combines her nursing career with her side hustle. I’m all about the hustle. Her ability to balance these two great passions keeps her feeling enthusiastic about everything she does. It’s worth serious consideration for anyone feeling like they need better balance, greater financial security, or even just a way to feel refreshed in their nursing.


Ricki’s boundless energy, positivity and laughter made her a pleasure to meet and interview. I hope she leaves you feeling inspired.

Ricki and I discussed:

·         Gunnah fit

·         Ricki on Insta

·         Noosa village vets