Episode 15: Serena Dean - Behaviour Guru


In this episode I caught up with behaviour guru Serena Dean. Serena’s career in the veterinary industry spans almost 20 years. She’s worked in many different capacities including as a senior veterinary nurse in both emergency and general practice, education and training positions, and other leadership and management roles.

Serena designed and implemented The Best Behaviour Program for Greencross and currently creates content as a speaker and guest lecturer for multiple industry groups. She is the Managing Director of Stress Free Pets; an animal handling education program for vets and vet nurses. 


Serena is a self-confessed continuing education and study addict armed with an MBA, a degree in veterinary technology, and certificates in veterinary nursing, and training and assessment. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to behaviour and also a great example of why we should dream big and make those dreams a reality.  

Serena has been listening to these podcasts:

·         Australian Birth Stories and other parenting podcasts.

·         Coffee Pods with Holly Ransom.

·         Hamish and Andy.

·         Ted Talks.

We also discussed Serena’s businesses:

·         Stress Free Pets - online animal handling and behaviour certification and clinic accreditation. 

·         The Puppy Club - online Puppy School course and professional network with access to a library of ‘white label’ puppy school resources, including client handouts.