Episode 14: Amy Newfield - Assuming Good Intention


In this episode I interviewed someone who I really admire. When I was at the VNCA conference in 2015 Amy Newfield was the international key note speaker. After her first lecture I was hooked, and went to all them. Her energy and knowledge really fueled the vet nurse in me and I was inspired to make a lot of positive changes back at Ready Vet.   

Amy is a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care and a project manager for Blue Pearl. She’s mainly focused on large scale training initiatives but also has some really interesting involvement with the social worker team there.

CPR Amy Meeko.jpg

My impression of Amy from 2015 was of a vet tech with incredible medical knowledge and practical skills. And that she definitely is. But, what I now know about Amy is that she is also really passionate about soft skills like how to be part of a healthy team, and ways to harness our compassion in the face of adversity. This other dimension of Amy was just another thing to love, and I’m now more of a fan girl than ever.