Episode Three: Sara - UK to Oz, Head Nurse to Rep

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In this episode you’ll hear from a British vet nurse, Sara, who came to locum in Australia and stayed for good. After working as head nurse in a busy hospital for years Sara made the transition to working as a rep for Dermcare, and she’s never looked back.

Sara gave an incredibly generous interview, sharing her honest and considered insights into both the dark and light sides of vet nursing. We shared so many laughs that I actually had to rub my face to alleviate the pain. But, on the flip-side, we also had some very real chats about burn out and the importance of looking after yourself. Sara recommends meditation, exercise, and acupuncture for feeling grounded and looking after yourself and the meditation apps she uses are Calm and Mindset.

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Sara is a fit and active, happy and upbeat vet nurse, and just a pleasure to be around. She is highly intelligent and incredibly funny with razor sharp wit that I thoroughly enjoy. I’m not going to lie, I nearly did my snort-laugh in this interview. I’m really glad I heard Sara’s story of England to Australia, and vet nurse to rep, and everything in between. I think you’ll like it too.  

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Episode Two: Jo Hatcher - President of the VNCA 2017


In this episode you’ll hear from Jo Hatcher who was the president of the Vet Nurse Council of Australia (“VNCA”) in 2017. Jo has been a vet nurse for almost 20 years and was one of the first names added to the Radio Vet Nurse guest wish list. She works at Gawler Animal Hospital in South Australia and is also a nurse trainer with the Animal Industries Resource Centre. Jo is very actively involved with the VNCA and is one of the most experienced, qualified and passionate vet nurses I know of. And that’s saying a lot because – let’s face it – there are so many like that.

Jo started her career as a vet nurse in 1999 and attained the Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse qualification in 2002. She then went on to study the Diploma of Veterinary Nursing Management and the Veterinary Technician Certificate. Jo gained accreditation in 2008 and has a special interest in medical nursing and emergency and critical care. She is very passionate about helping train vet nurses of the future and is a vocal advocate for better recognition of the profession as a whole.

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Jo and I speak at length about the VNCA and, in particular, voluntary registration. If you want to read more about the VNCA head here and you can find information regarding voluntary registration here.

Jo also talks about:

Jo believes there is no better job in the world than vet nursing, and she might just be right.

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Episode One: Rebekah – Gypsy Vet Nurse

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In this episode you’ll hear from a British vet nurse named Rebekah who travels the world as a locum. Rebekah originally wanted to be a vet and was devastated when she failed at the last hurdle when it came to university admission. Her plan was to complete a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Veterinary Nursing at the Royal Veterinary College in London and then transfer to vet. It didn’t take long for Rebekah to fall in love with vet nursing and decide that she had found her fit and didn’t need to become a vet. 

Rebekah’s locum and volunteer history is incredible; it spans the UK, Europe, Australia, Africa and South East Asia and includes a camel sedation and treatment of infected wound, dental procedure on a lioness, post-mortem of a water buffalo, enema of an elephant. Not only is Bekah a vet nurse, she’s also a dive master, and sometimes she’s able to combine these skills. Obviously I had to meet her, and so do you.  

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Rebekah’s international volunteering experience includes:

  • working with elephants in Thailand;
  • working with sea turtles in Malaysia; and
  • vet nursing in Cambodia.

If you would like further information on these and other recommended volunteers centres head to Rebekah’s Instagram @gypsyvetnurse (and stay tuned for news on the launch of her blog!). You can also feel free to contact Rebekah directly at:


Available on all the major podcasting platforms. New episodes go out on the 1st Monday of the month.